8 things about Oblivion

So the other night I went to see Oblivion and seeing as the internet is all about ruining things (just look at the porn industry) I thought I’d turn my sights on the latest of Cruise’s Scientology propaganda. Although if it is about Scientology then by the thetan did they hide those messages well. This is no Battlefield Earth, this is something completely different. Which might be a good thing considering that film was utter crap.

However, and I cannot overstate this enough: OBLIVION IS THE MOST CONVOLUTED FILM EVER. OF ALL TIME. The number of plot twists in this film is truly staggering and they mount up like a rickety house of cards built on another rickety house of cards built on top of an electric fan. It’s not that the film doesn’t make sense, there’s kind of a plot by the end of it. It’s just that by the time that the film has finished, its gone through so many twists and turns that you’re fairly certain that whoever wrote this thing had dementia and the only thought they managed to retain throughout the writing process was “Oh, it’s time for a plot twist”. This is a film that fails to keep up with itself.