8 Things about Jurassic World

So after the diatribe that was Jurassic Park III and then the childhood soul crushing Godzilla, I was in no way keen to see Jurassic World. Just watch the first trailer, the idea of a genetically modified dinosaur isn’t so far fetched in the grand scheme of getting actual dinosaurs from mosquitos. But then right at the end you get a shot of Chris Pratt riding with raptors. Not being chased, riding! Then the second trailer came out, giving us more of Chris raptor-whispering. But then toward the end the trailer says the dinosaurs are communicating. Really, you are literally going with the dumbest part of the third – and worst – movie?

When my best friend invited me along to see the film on opening weekend I was not enthused. So little of my childhood remains untainted, take away Jurassic Park and all I’ll be left with is cynicism and… cynicism. Oh so much cynicism. But, then I went to see it and I can definitely say that the last remnants of my childhood remains somewhat intact. There’s still cynicism, but it’s a cynicism that warms the dreary remains of my English soul. That’s not to say the film is perfect – let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So here are 8 things in Jurassic World to gripe about.

Warning: There are spoilers.

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