Why am I here?

That isn’t quite the existential question some might expect, it’s more a dispondent one. I never intended to join in with this whole fad that they call blogging. To be honest I looked down on the whole thing. I mean, let’s be honest, who reads this crap anyway? It’s just a bunch of people looking for validation from the faceless masses of the internet. And if there’s one thing for certain, the faceless masses of the internet are great at being supportive…

But here I am typing away and why? Well, in the interest of furthering an academic career that is guaranteed to earn me fuck all I had to sign up to WordPress in order to pursue that goal. Sarcasm aside I am quite serious in that pursuit though I will probably flounder along the way. The academic pusuit by the way is the Critical Religion Website, and in order to contribute I needed this account. Oh, and I also contribue to the Religious Studies Project. Both are great resources and well worth getting involved in. This is possibly the only genuine statement I’m going to make.

It’s the rest of this blogging gaff that tends to be nonsense. And well, now that I’m here I thought I’d join the faceless mass of rage and spew some of my own. And rage is all the internet is about, right?

It’s certainly what I’m all about.


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