8 things about Assassin’s Creed 3

I first played Assassin’s Creed because it was a friend’s copy and I thought I’d give it a go. And to be honest it was a bit of a wierd experience, I wasn’t expecting the whole Abstergo tapping into your DNA to look at your ancestor’s pasts plot line. It struck me as the most convuleted way to explain why a game set during the Crusades had a HUD (Heads up Display). Add to that the gameplay was pretty repetitive and finishing the game was a bit of a slog by the end of it. And it left the whole thing without an end, it wasn’t even really a cliffhanger because I’d be fucked if I knew what was going.

This is plot.

This is plot.

Then along came Assassin’s Creed II which I ignored until I could get it for about ¬£10 second hand and the guy at the store said it was a lot better than the first one. I wish I’d bought a brand new copy because Ubisoft deserved the money, which is a statement I never thought I’d say. I played it and I figuratively jizzed all over it, which is a statement I’m not surprised by. ACII was brilliant and I loved every minute of it. I loved Brotherhood¬†too, though I didn’t have as much of crisis over it. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was smaller. Then there was Revelations which again didn’t feel as big as ACII but improved upon everything else so far. There is not an aspect of the ACII games that I do not love.

So when Assassin’s Creed 3 came out I pre-crisised and got ready for more joy than I could contain. I ordered the standard version because the one lesson I learned from Revelations was that there is absolutely no point in buying the special edition versions whatsoever. So I got the game and here are 8 things about AC3 that you probably don’t care about: Continue reading